A storm is coming

and it ain't no small thing like "mobile apps."

1. I’ve been trying for a while to synthesize some of my thinking and writing about problems with advertising, dominant players in tech and much of the current state of the Internet. It is hard. In the meantime, I’m going to share a post a day for the next few days that is helping to inform this struggle. Today's piece is "Project:Depth" by Joe Moon.

2. IPOs aren’t really important in and of themselves, at least not the way the current system works, but they do give us a moment to sit back and take stock.

3. This “storm” I’m talking about is somewhat akin to what happened when AOL started to be abandoned, forgotten about and subject to increasingly vicious scorn by important parties. More will hopefully become clear after a few days.

So, without further ado, here’s a healthy teaser and link to Joe’s piece,

There are oceans to explore, but we stay in puddles.

The problem of the proliferation of shallow communication is more fundamental than the implementation of currently popular social networks.


Web pages make money by distracting you, either by getting you to look at an ad or by getting you to click on one. As long as advertising drives the web, and advertisers measure success in page views, this isn’t going to change.


There are huge, Lovecraftian commercial forces at work, with a vested interest in keeping our attention spans short, and our feedback loops shorter. These forces feed on ‘eyeballs’ and ‘clicks’ and measure us in aggregate.