Add ads, remove ads. All is fair in love and Readability

Would advertising be a potential revenue stream?

Potentially. Anything is on the table.

That’s perhaps a little ironic for a product known for stripping ads toward the end of making “the Web a more pleasant place to read.” Are you suggesting that advertising could be pleasant?

Of course advertising can be pleasant. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been around for two hundred years! I think if a balance is struck where the reading experience is respected then there are all sorts of possibilities. Also – relevance helps. I’m into tech. Show me tech stuff, not soda ads.

I am shocked, shocked to find advertising going on here.

1. If you make a product that strips ads off content and you can't find a way to sustain that product without putting ads back on the content you probably took a wrong turn somewhere important.

2. "Of course advertising can be pleasant. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been around for two hundred years! " has to be one of the strangest statements I've heard in a long time.

3. 'Pleasant' is one of the weasel words like 'tasteful.' These words connote some sort of ugly compromise being propped up with a euphemism. They make me think of this:

Readability? You're readable enough, Hillary.

A piece of art junked up with advertising might remain tasteful, but it will never be beautiful.

I've already got advertisers sitting between me and the content, Readability. I'll take a pass on even more.

Oh, and give me a break with the "show me tech stuff." Apple's not buying ads for you to see because you already buy their shit. But you know who is? Less successful computer makers whose products you chose NOT to buy. The ones who produce things less popular and thus need to advertise more to get more buyers. The exact ads you don't want to see. Tailored ads didn't make anything better in the past because the problem wasn't with the ads, but with advertising itself (something you'd think the maker of an ad-stripping product would understand.)

Still want tech ads? Try listening to any tech podcast with ads. Any one will do because they all have the same ads. Subscribe and you'll hear your hosts talk about Carbonite, Audible and Netflix every week per show for the rest of your listening life, regardless of whether you're a customer or not. Enjoy!

There is no winning with ads. You want to be served far fewer ads than advertisers want you to see. You want information (not marketing not from them) when you do decide to buy or when you want to hear about new things. They want to constantly tell you about ONLY their new thing (and only its good qualities) and drown you in ads that eventually create the desire in you to buy. These two positions are diametrically opposed. They cannot be bridged. The center cannot hold.

Shoving more ads at people who want content for free (and free of ads) doesn't solve any problems, it merely multiplies them. Can't wait for the ad-blocking extension for my new Readability app.