Dear Facebook: I'm sorry, I love you, you were right all along

So, I joined Facebook today And. I. FUCKING. LOVE. IT!!!!!

8 years have gone by, old friend. You've changed and I have as well. You're now no longer that scummy place littered with ads and annoying people from my childhood. You're no longer a place people go almost exclusively to stalk people who don't love them while you, Facebook, Inc., stalk all your users to push the proper flavor of sugar water to accompany their long, dark stretches of chair-sitting (oh, who are we kidding, bed-laying) while doing said stalking.

You're now a hotbed of radicalism, art, meaning, love, friendship, music sharing and virtual plant sharing. You're everything anyone could ever want in college-kid-created-database-cum-social-network/internet-replacement.

I know we've had our differences in the past, but I now see that I was in the wrong. All you ever cared about was doing the right thing, no, excuse me, BEING the right thing, and I just refused to see it. I couldn't bring myself to letting me love you, to give myself to you completely. Oh, foolish youth! But how lucky I am, now seeing the light on this spring day in April, to see you'll still have me, after all these years, warts and all. I know what you're thinking, that you could have helped me contract those warts years earlier if I'd just have given you the chance. And then you would have bombarded me with drug and doctor ads to cure those warts if I would have only understood that you put ME first, always and forever. Everlasting love, you said, but I couldn't hear it. I wasn't a believer.

Well, honey, you win. You've finally won me over. I love you and I'm so glad you'll still have me.

xoxo :) ;) (; (:

Love, kisses and hopefully more,