Doc Searls reaches into the back catalog for some very deep cuts

“There’s too much noise out there anyway,” she says in 'Esther Dyson on DaveNet' (12/1/94). “The new wave is not value added, it’s garbage-subtracted.”


I wouldn’t bother to ask Esther if she watches television, or listens to the radio. I wouldn’t ask my wife, either. To her, television is exactly what Fred Allen called it forty years ago: “chewing gum for the eyes.” Ours heats up only for natural disasters and San Jose Sharks games.


They drone about serving customers and building architectures and setting standards and being open and competing on level playing fields. But their game is still control, no matter what else they call it.

The ad gardens and noise generation machines last for a while and then die. That's all the Founders want. And with ads serving as the backbone for much of the open web, there's precious few places that exist as oases from noise and its toxic effects.

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.