Don't start a website, post it your own blog or go off to "build your own brand"

Abandon all hope. You'll just be wasting your time if what you want to do is engage with people who don't want to engage with you.

The whole idea of comments is based on the assumption that most people reading won't have their own platform to respond with. So you need to provide some temporary shanty town for these folks to take up residence for a day or two.

- Paul Bausch

That is simply not correct. And it's offensive.

Fly-by-night posts (on your own site) in response to another post are the same thing as fly-by-night comments to a post: meaningless linkrot that no one besides you will ever see. They represent the same lack of attachment, commitment and seriousness that people hate about fly-by-night commenting.

They make me think of this:

Last week Instapaper released a new bookmarklet. It’s nice. It saves articles that have been split across multiple pages.

However it doesn’t work in the way I want the Instapaper bookmarklet to. So I’ve made my own. It’s above. You put it in your bookmarks. When you find an article or web page you want to read later, you click it. And it saves it for later.

There’s one difference. Mine doesn’t save the page, it just pretends to. And that’s good enough.

Don't believe you have to or should start your own site. Don't try to email people who aren't interested in communicating with you. Don't comment (if you even can) if you think no one wants to talk. Open up your favorite text-typing program, type your message and then click on save. Make sure you set the save folder to Trash. This way your thoughts have just about as good a chance of being engaged with by the author than if you send your message into a contact black hole (twitter handle-only pages and completely contact-free pages have abandoned even these black holes and taken the idea of one-sided "communication" online to dizzying new heights.) Sure, the probability of contact is slightly lower, but the advantage is you have absolute certainty about the final outcome of your response. No more waiting games, no more resentment, no more linkrot no one will ever read; just piece of mind and a little bit more RSI.