Finally, an opportunity to make a funny comment about the Great Commenting Controversy of 2011-2012

Second Crack should be considered an early alpha.

Fuck, yeah! You can consider it Cro-Magnon for all I care, I'm just pumped to finally be able to give this deathtrap a ride! And I don't even like Markdown!

Even though I've run with it for a long time, it's still rough and unfriendly.

Strange, Wordpress has been around for damn near a decade and it STILL feels that way to me.

Comments: Use Disqus or Facebook comments. Or just go without comments. Do you really need them?

I think it's safe to say this is the perfect solution for a brand new site wanting to drown itself in all the magical goodness that is commenting online!

I am going to Git the shit out of this and you should too!

Thanks again, Marco!

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