Jaron Lanier contra the Silicon Valley 1 percent

And I'm a little concerned that we're essentially doing Walmart, y'know, a thousand, a million times over with the new model in Silicon Valley where we're telling people there's all this barter and reputation economy and all this self-promotion you can get, but your career prospects are reduced because we're making everything more efficient and we're making advertising and promotion into the only monetized information economy components...And so it all becomes about ads or coupons or something like that. And, y'know, the usual response is, "Well, it's not really for free because you get free tools or free promotional opportunities for yourself or whatever it is." But the point is that the type of value you get is within this barter/reputation economy thing and the type of value that people who benefit from being close to the top server get is real money that involves finance and all the benefits of true wealth, which is different. I mean you can't, you can't really, you can do a tiny bit of finance and benefit off of reputation through something like Kickstarter, but it's just little tiny, sort of Horatio Alger-type of events. It's not a real economy. You can't really scale that.

21:57- 23:12