Jeff and Casey had a tough time recruiting advertisers for their podcast

Jeff: So, Casey, someday we’re going to take ads for this podcast and become mega rich like all the games are doing nowadays. Y’know, everyone’s going to these ad-supported systems. Which is like awesome, right?

Casey: Well, here’s the thing. I don’t want to say, just blanket, that if you accept ads in video games that you’re a terrible human being. Not a terrible game developer, but actually that you are a bad human being at your core. But that’s actually true.

I mean, the bottom line is that like advertising absolutely destroys media. It totally does. If you pick up a magazine today and try to find the table of contents, twenty minutes later tell me that ads are not a terrible influence on media. Try watching a fucking TV show, tell me it’s not terrible.

Casey: Even aside from being annoyed by it, it seems like it’s a free thing. It’s not. We are paying for that in deep and important ways with our children. With ourselves.

Jeff: Well, here’s the thing, this is obviously Sut Jhally’s thing and you can listen to him say it way better than I can say it, but like the whole thing in advertising is there’s money changing hands. So, look at something like a free service, like television. I have a free service. It costs money. It costs a lot of money to produce Lost. It costs two million dollars an episode or something. So you are getting, they’re giving you a two million dollar episode for free, divided by the viewership. You’re getting some money. You’re getting fifty cents. They’re just fucking giving you fifty cents. So what are you giving them in exchange? What are you giving them in exchange? It’s not nothing! If you’re sitting there thinking that somehow it’s nothing, that they’re just giving you fifty cents because they love you and they think you’re fabulous and that all they want to do is shower you with cash then you’re an idiot. I am sorry. Business doesn’t operate that way. Ads aren’t these things that just, “oh, they’re some stuff that I ignore and they don’t affect me.” No, they do.

The Jeff and Casey Show - Season 1, Episode 27

The Jeff and Casey Show used to be my favorite podcast. Then it ended. My new favorite podcast, John Siracusa’s Hypercritical, is also ending. Dive into the archives of either show sometime for podcasts well worth your listen.