John Gruber on shooting elephants

Remember the time there was a guy, what's that guy's name, Bob Stupak or something like that? The guy who owns Go Daddy. And then he shows up, drunk, in the Super Bowl commercial with his shirt half unbuttoned. And he's got drool all over his chin and he tells you to go register your website at Go Daddy or whatever. Couple of years ago he got caught shooting elephants in Africa. You remember when we were kids? When you and I were kids and they would say, "Hey, there's two types of elephants: the ones with the big ears are African elephants and the ones with the smaller ears that look a little clipped are the Indian elephants." And then you can tell the difference between the two. Well, now there's no more African elephants because the guy who owns Go Daddy shot every elephant in Africa. And people got very upset about this because now there's only one type of elephant left in the world. But that didn't stop people from registering their domains with Go Daddy. Even though this guy shot every single one of the African elephants that was left in the world.

And the worst part is, this is the part that gets you, this is the part that will really put a lump in your throat: is that he shot them all from a helicopter. So it wasn't even like they had a fair chance. You know what I mean? Like if you're on the ground and you've got your little elephant gun and you're down there on the ground looking an elephant right in the face, it's like at least the elephant, if you miss, has a chance to stomp you. You know what I mean? Like, it's like a fair fight. Like the elephant's coming at you to stomp you and you're going to try to shoot this elephant and take it down. He shot these elephants from a helicopter...It was a turkey shoot. And he shot every last one of them. And still people didn't stop going to Go Daddy.