Maybe if our comment pre-filters were a little more serious

I recently visited Gregg Tavares' site

Noticed his RSS link was broken and wanted to email him to alert him of the problem.

Was quickly faced with a wrath so harsh that it is completely indescribable. You can see the screenshots below:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3, Fight!

Maybe if we tailored our commenting systems such that they not only inspired fear into the hearts of commenters, but also took up enough of their time that only the truly interested would proceed, we wouldn't have so many problems. Of course, after making it through the hoops some of those scare tactics and delays could be gradually adjusted. The point is I really like this setup.

I'm still doing research to make a post that will truly contribute to the commenting debate. Some shorter responses may follow, but a longer, genuinely useful one is going to take some time.