Old lions of the web never die, they just get grumpier

From: tech.branch.com/how-do-blogs-need-to-evolve

Paul Bausch:

And I think if other people realized the value of their not-friends, they'd be writing at least some of the time outside of Facebook. We can't know ahead of time who we want to hear from about any post.

Actually, Evan Williams already does know who: not you.

I've never much cared for comments. Probably because I don't care what most people have to say, either about something I've written or something I've read. Of course, I care a lot about what some limited number of people have to say.


From theverge.com/2012/1/25/2721249/5-minutes-on-the-verge-jason-kottke

Jason Kottke:

What writers do you try to read every day?

I don't read anyone consistently aside from Gruber. I see and read so much stuff that even with great engaging writers, there's a sameness to much of their work that doesn't interest me...until they really knock something out of the park, and then I'll hear about it from someone I follow on Twitter or Stellar.