Oliver Reichenstein on paying for tiers of experience, not access to content

3. Often pay walled news sites feature the same amount of marketing noise as free sites. Paying customers are of course more attractive ad targets, but… Paying for news and then dealing with a silly blinking bonanza while reading doesn’t seem like a fair deal.

To be clear: content pay walls are not what we are suggesting. Remember, whether you fly Economy or Business: the result is the same (you travel from a to b), and only the experience differs. And likewise Business Class and Economy class seats on news sites should deliver the same content.


There already is a business class for flying on the Internet, but it involves things like ad-blockers, user scripts, time-shifting software and browser settings. A cleaned up design and experience may become available to some extent, but it will simply push the evil down to the shadows, where things like tracking and data mining reside. If these strategies are unavailable, design and experience will always be the first, second and last thing to suffer. Many traditional entities care about maximizing profits, and users' direct payments alone will never satisfy those who simply want to make more money. True business class means accepting there are some lines that will never be crossed.