Rebecca MacKinnon on being a good citizen of the Internet

...if you pay no attention to how your own town is being governed or your own school district, and you make no effort to participate or to contribute to its being better, don't be surprised when it doesn't turn out as you would have liked. And similarly with the Internet is that people, y'know, the Internet will only be as good or as bad as we, all of us collectively, make it. And so we need to be engaged in its evolution, in its governance, just as we engage in the governance of our democracies.

Spark 171, 13:07 - 13:46

Given the state of political apathy in America, I'm not too optimistic about civic engagement on the Internet.

In the interview Rebecca seems also far more fatalistic about governments and companies being the powers that be on the Internet. I don't know why that has to be. While governments seem to need a seat at the table, the standards of the Internet consist independently of the companies. I'm with Facebook and Google on this one, if you don't like their terms of service then don't use them. Either don't use them, pass laws to make them change or develop and move to services that are free of corporate control and shitty terms of service.