The main cause of Google's decline is that Google was too successful with its model

Over the past few years the relevance and quality of Google-propagated content has been dramatically decreasing. The culprits are not webmasters, the culprit is simply this Google-crafted web-building Engine that is utterly uncorrelated from the Purpose of quality and creation. The recent Google algorithm changes, meant to push content-farms down its search results, are temporary palliatives that will not fix the problem, but merely attenuate the symptoms. As long as the motivation behind most of the new “content” being produced and uploaded is still dollars obtained through Google-optimization, then the Internet is doomed. One morning the Google guys will wake up to find out that there is no more algorithm tweak to hack to improve relevancy, because the entire Internet has become a content-farm, rehashing the same old mainstream, attention-catching, Google-optimized “content”.


Google's Halting problem is unwinnable in its current state. The tone it set has become a dial tone. As the broken model dominates new systems (Facebook, Twitter) they too will suffer the same fate.

Sometimes when you win, you really lose.

In conclusion, heterogeneity and universalizability.

Or, there's always this:

The bandit, in the forest in Burma, did you catch him?



We burned the forest down.


"It was a very funny thing about Larry," Broder recalls. "He was very adamant about search engines not being owned by commercial entities. He said it should all be done by a nonprofit. I guess Larry has changed his mind about that."

Inside Larry and Sergey's Brain - Richard Brandt